Dallas, Texas Professional Furnace Repair Services

For areas where winter months have temperatures below freezing, a working furnace is not just a luxury, but a requirement. When a furnace needs repair, a certified professional can get the furnace back up and running quickly. Not only do they repair furnace faults but they also ensure that the problem doesn’t occur shortly. There are situations and cases where the furnace is beyond repair and badly broken. Even in this situation, do not worry, as reliable technicians are able to assist you all the way. They can guide you through the options and the next step in order to get it up and working again.

Get your units serviced yearly. Leaving them neglected over long periods of time can lead to unexpected and costly issues that may require major fixes, or even the installation of a new one. When a furnace nears the 15-20 year mark then it is good that the homeowner research about newer furnace models and have one picked out already.

The newer furnaces that are sold in stores now have a higher energy efficiency compared to the older units. Whether you are in need of a furnace repair or a furnace replacement a skilled technician can help you with that.

Signs You May Need Furnace Repair

In the event that your furnace is misbehaving, it might be an ideal opportunity to bring in an expert to look at it before it breaks down in the dead of winter. If you don’t react quickly, subtle changes in your furnace can mean big trouble. Below are some signs that it is time to have a professional check out your furnace.

High energy bills

If your utility bills are extremely high, it may be the time to service your furnace. If your filter is dirty, or the coils are dirty, or your unit has weak parts, your furnace could be working harder than normal to heat your home.

Usually cheap service can lower your bills for energy and start saving you money in no time. Over time, older units lose their efficiency. Therefore, if your unit is about 20 years old, consider getting it replaced rather than repaired.

Inconsistent heating

If only different rooms warm up enough or if it seems that the oven has its own mind, then an expert may have to carry out some repairs. Dirty or compromised ducts, clogged filters, faulty thermostats, or an improperly sized furnace can create inconsistent temperatures between rooms. If you have recently had a renovation done to your home then it will be necessary for you to upgrade your furnace. If there is nothing new in the structure of your home then maybe a furnace repair can already fix the problem.

Strange noises

When the furnace starts making loud or strange noises then this should concern the homeowner. Whatever the noise is, this means that the furnace needs to be immediately checked. A mechanical issue could cause widespread damage if not repaired immediately.

At times the strange noises can be a symptom of a heater’s nearing end of life but a professional can use his expertise to know the root cause and suggest the ultimate remedy of the strange noises.

Carbon monoxide detected

Carbon monoxide can cause harm to the general well-being of a family. If the pilot light is flickering or is yellow rather than blue, this means there may be carbon monoxide present. Other signs of carbon monoxide are rusting pipes, excess condensation on windows or cold surfaces, and family members experiencing fatigue and malaise. If you detect carbon monoxide, turn off the furnace immediately and call a professional right away.

Runs continuously

If the blower is running without fail, or the home is not getting warm or it becomes too hot, then there might be a problem in the limit switch, pilot light, or filters. Call a professional to check all of these issues to diagnose the problem. Sometimes, a simple repair is enough, but other times there will be a need for replacement of a furnace.

Yearly Furnace Servicing

To reduce the number of maintenance calls or replacement needs, it is necessary to have a furnace serviced annually. In an inspection, the certified technician will clean and check all of the parts of the machine for proper functioning throughout the entire winter. Untimely breakdowns or allergy problems can be reduced by doing a yearly service. Air conditioning uses the same system as furnaces, so the same technician can service both devices at the time needed, without the need of having two different companies do the job.