Dallas, Texas Professional Furnace Installation Services

You can rely on an expert technician when it comes to a new furnace installation and they will make sure the unit fits your home, is set up properly, and is ready to go when the winter weather arrives. The experts will help any step of the way, from choosing the right size to finding a choice of furnace that is perfect for the needs of a household. Whether a family picks a furnace in their home for a new build or replaces an old one, an experienced and reliable professional can help a furnace installation go smoothly from beginning to end.

Furnace Installation Choices

There are several different kinds of furnaces that you can pick from for your home. There are many however who make the same choice for their furnace as the replacement since their home’s infrastructure suits that already. The main reason homeowners switch to another type of furnace is to gain energy effiiency that will save them money in the long run. Below are the most popularly used kinds of furnaces today.


The furnaces which make use of electricity for power heat the air by making use of electric heating elements. Next, they convey air into individual rooms through the aid of blowers and vents. Electric furnaces are usually smaller than other unit types and are cheaper in terms of initial costs. They use electricity to produce heat so they can be costly in price depending on the electricity cost of the region you are living in.


Furnaces that run on natural gas get their gas from a municipal pipeline, and that gas is ignited in the burner and becomes combustion gas. This process warms up the air coming through the furnace. Similar to electric units, gas units make use of HVAC ducts to have heated air delivered into the home.

Depending on utility prices in your area, you may be able to heat your home less expensively with gas rather than electricity. Nonetheless, to keep them running as efficiently as possible, they can need more maintenance than electric furnaces. Gas furnaces can have a longer life than an electric furnace if they are well maintained.


Homes that do not have access to a line that has natural gas can opt instead for an oil fueled furnace. Of course, oil isn’t quite as efficient as gas, so it can result in higher heating bills through the year.

The most common forms of heating today are these three types of furnaces. However, there are other heating options present apart from just these types of furnaces. Homes with no built-in ductwork can use a heat pump, fireplace, or wood/pellet stove. The level of maintenance requirements, heating capacities, and operational expenses vary in all of these units.

Signs You May Need A New Furnace

While furnaces can last for up to 20 years or so, they all eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Choosing your new unit should be done with the assistance of a qualified professional. Proper measurements are required to determine which size of the unit will do the job properly. Measuring it becomes necessary if there was a renovation or extension that was done to the home.

When you choose the right unit for your home then you will see high efficiency and low cost from its operation. If your unit is nearing the end of its life, there will be a few tell-tale signs. Some signs that an older unit is finally wearing out are strange noises or smells when turned on, inconsistent heating, higher heating bills, carbon monoxide, and a working life of fifteen years or more, in which case, it’s time for a replacement.

You may be able to get a few more years of use out of your furnace by having it repaired by a trained professional. It takes an expert to inspect and accurately diagnose a furnace. It’s cost-effective to replace a unit approaching its 20 year old mark than repairing it.

Furnaces become less efficient with time, regardless of how well maintained they are. While frequent tune-ups increase the life and efficiency of a system dramatically, a furnace eventually wears out. After replacing an old furnace, a homeowner should see a decrease in their heating bills. More repair and maintenance work is required in the older furnace units, but the new one is cost-effective and useful in eliminating extra repairing costs.

Immediate action must be taken if it has been found out that there is carbon monoxide around the unit. When there is the presence of this gas there the color of the flames produced is red. You and your family may have nausea, frequent headaches and flu-like symptoms because of the carbon monoxide gas.

Such leaks seem to only get worse, so when such happens, it is important to call a professional immediately. Your family’s health will improve when you replace an old, malfunctioning furnace.