Dallas, Texas Affordable Ductless Air Conditioning

If there is no built-in ductwork in your home, installation of central AC can become an expensive and tedious venture. The temperature of a home can easily be brought down through central AC but it is not viable for some homes. But fortunately for these people there are many alternative options out there.

A cost-effective option for dryer climates is the evaporative coolers aka swamp coolers. Unfortunately, these units tend to be noisy and are limited in their ability to cool. Many households are choosing the ductless mini-split system as their ductless air conditioning unit of choice, an alternative many people in other countries have been using for a long time. These systems are beneficial for homes that are poorly equipped for central air conditioning because they are easy to install and they save energy.

How does ductless air conditioning work?

In a house that uses a ductless systems there is an outside condenser and air handling units. It is the refrigerant that makes the indoor air cold and blows it to the room. The heat removed from the room travels through a conduit to the condenser outside and is released into the atmosphere.

The fans in the air handlers are designed to run as quietly as possible, so they’re no louder than a central AC system and run much more quietly than the typical window fan. The loudest component in the system is the condenser, which shouldn’t bother you because it’s located outdoors, just as with a central AC system.

With a ductless system, the air handlers can either be mounted on a ceiling or wall, or recessed into them if you prefer them to be flushed with the surface. You can choose to have a separate control for each air handler or to have them all connected to a central thermostat.

If you want to establish different cooling zones in your home you can have multiple thermostats installed. For example, you could have separate thermostats for upstairs and downstairs areas, or zone off spaces that you don’t use very often, only activating them when you need to. Ductless systems are programmable for a maximum of 4 zones.

What are the benefits of ductless systems?

A ductless mini-split air conditioning system is very easy to install for a home without ducts. Homeowners usually have a choice in the type of air handlers that are mounted and where they are located in the house. The models that lay flushed with the ceiling or wall are typically more expensive but more aesthetically pleasing.

Holes in walls and ceilings and a reduced closet space are needed for your home to be retrofitted with ducts for central air conditioning. On the other hand, a ductless system will only need a small hole to connect the indoor air handler with your outdoor unit.

Ductless air conditioning systems save energy because the cool air doesn’t travel through large-diameter ducts. Ductless systems are generally about 30% more energy efficient than central AC, which translates into lower utility bills. It might be the result of gaps in holes, seams, or leakage in the ductwork.

Ductless mini split systems are a way that homeowners can cool different parts of the house at different times. This is particularly helpful in bedrooms, so residents can set their room to a comfortable sleeping temperature without having to cool the rest of the house. Additionally, this can help decrease your power bills.

A ductless system is much better than window units due to the fact that they don’t require a window to be partially open, which can compromise the safety and pest prevention of your home. Ductless systems are more flexible when it comes to placement in the room over the air conditioners placed in windows. They can also be set to warm in the winter, providing for year-round comfort with dual functionality.

Professional Installation

If you decide that a mini-split AC system is the way to go for your family, talk to an AC expert as they can get the system installed in as little as a day. They will take a measurement of your home to know the required number of units that it needs to effectively cool it.

Despite the fact that introducing a ductless framework is far simpler than retrofitting ventilation work, the installation should even now be performed by an expert because of the utilization of poisonous refrigerant and electrical wiring included. An expert can likewise offer guidance on the best locations for your air handlers and what style of units would be best for your home. Whether your system needs service, repair, or replacement, you can rely on a trained professional to get your home cool and comfortable again.