Dallas, Texas Professional AC Replacement Services

Air conditioners usually last for a decade when regularly maintained. It’s always wise to research your next AC choice before your current unit needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, air conditioners tend to malfunction right at the peak of the summer season. Wanting a comfortable space as soon as possible, you can make a hasty decision when it comes to replacement that you may later regret. An AC replacement professional can come in before the summer months start and walk you through your options and help you avoid being in this situation. This professional will assess your home to know which unit is compatible with it.

If your air conditioner has bitten the dust, a professional can help get it back up and running quickly. You can learn more about having your air conditioner replaced below.

AC Repair vs AC Replacement

If your unit has not been used for ten years yet, and there is a problem with it, then you should try a repair on it first. A repair may be a less costly short term fix, however it could ultimately end up actually costing you more overall. Please see our list of suggestions below which can guide you about when to repair or replace your unit.

Unit is nearing the ten year mark

If the air conditioning unit that you are using is already ten years old it may be high time that you start your search for its replacement. Despite what people may think if you do the mathematics, calculations, and numbers, it is actually in many cases more economical to buy replacement air conditions. This is opposed to constantly having to fix a unit that is already old and worn out.

Unit sustained minor damage to an internal part

An experienced technician may be able to repair your AC unit by replacing a broken part. You could be able to repair the unit at a much lower price, though, this all depends on the age of the unit itself. You may still be able to get a few more years out of it before a complete replacement is required.

Unit is leaking refrigerant

When you find that your AC unit leaks out liquids especially refrigerants then this is a signal that there is something wrong with it. When this is the problem, having it fixed can be more expensive than having the whole AC unit replaced.

Unit needs a new compressor

When an air conditioning unit requires a new compressor this is a significant repair. If the AC unit has been in use for almost ten years then it may be more friendly to your budget to just replace it altogether than to have an AC professional repair it.

Recently added more space to your home

If you have extended a part of your home then you will need a new unit. An increase in space can mean an increase in stress to a smaller unit, so it is important to match the size of your home to the abiliy of your equipment. A professional can accurately assess your home to recommend what kind of AC replacement unit would be best suitable for your home.

Unit not cooling the house to your preferences

Although indoor temperature problems can sometimes be attributed to the system itself, there are occasions when the fault lies with the ductwork, insulation, or vents. So, before you decide to get rid of the old unit, you’ll want to hear what a certified expert has to say about the problems that are happening.

What types of AC units are available today?

Having to replace a cooling unit is a bigger decision than you might imagine. With constant upgrades happening continuously in technology now, you will have more choices for your AC replacement. A cooling expert can walk you through your choices and help you with finding the best fit for your home’s needs.

A split system is the most common air conditioning unit, and it contains a condenser coil outside the unit with the evaporator coil in the HVAC unit indoors. Such types of units are typically chosen by homes with existing ductwork, and energy-efficient models are already quite common and popular across the industry. You’ll find heat pumps primarily in milder climates, though a geothermal type of heat pump is available for use in colder parts of the country.

Ductless mini-split systems can be a good option for houses without ductwork, as they use wall mounted blowers in every room you wish to keep cool. These systems can help diminish costs if certain rooms needn’t waste time with cool air. If they’re used to cool the entire home, however, they can actually cost more than an HVAC unit.