AC Installation and Repair Services in Dallas, Texas

Summers are getting hotter every year and, to stay comfortable, homeowners must upgrade their cooling equipment. A few fans or portable AC units no longer meet the home’s comfort needs. Older air conditioning units might cost more to run. Furnaces may be getting older and less efficient. Many homeowners are choosing to replace older equipment with HVAC systems that both heat and cool the home with one set of equipment and ducts.

Why Is a Whole-House Cooling System Needed?

Warmer temperatures caused by climate change require better equipment for home cooling. It has been found that one whole-house cooling system may do a better job of cooling the home at a lower cost than multiple fans and portable air conditioning units. It is certainly more convenient to have one unit cooling all the rooms in a house than to have space taken up with all the portable units.

When the heating and cooling functions are supplied by one efficient HVAC unit, the temperature will be even throughout the home with less noise than all the portable units make. A new AC Installation can actually save the homeowner energy costs as well as make the home more comfortable.

If a home does not have any air conditioning and needs a new furnace, now is the time to add air conditioning for a small cost over installing only a heating unit. Both heating and cooling can use the same equipment, ducts, and space.

Servicing Existing Equipment

AC repairs can save homeowners a lot of money in equipment replacement and energy costs. This is because equipment that is well-maintained runs more efficiently and lasts longer. New heating and cooling equipment comes with a large price tag, so the longer existing equipment can be kept running, the more money is saved. The key is to hire the right HVAC Contractor in Dallas, Texas.

Most heating and cooling experts will advise homeowners to make arrangements to have heating and cooling equipment serviced at least once, if not twice, a year to keep it in top running condition.

There are maintenance jobs that the homeowner can do themselves between maintenance calls.

1. Keep all clutter and debris away from the equipment and ducts. Do not place furniture in front of air vents since they need a free flow of air.

2. Keep the equipment clean and dry.

3. Change the air filters as needed. Check the filters on a regular basis.

4. Call the professionals when there are signs of trouble with the equipment.

Hire the Right Company For Service

Make sure to take the time to check out a contractor before hiring them to service your heating and cooling equipment. Once you have a contractor that seems good, ask them if they are licensed and insured, and ask for references. Do they use Energy Star qualified products? Are they offering rebates or special deals on equipment or services? Use a contractor who will give you written and itemized estimates before you agree to have work done.

Does the company offer affordable service plans? Do they offer emergency services during evenings, weekends, and holidays? Can they service the brand of equipment in your home?

Eventually, All Equipment Needs to Be Replaced

Heating and cooling systems work hard all day every day and, because of this, they wear out. Some signs to look for that indicate you need new equipment include:

1. The equipment is more than 15 years old. Have older equipment serviced and inspected more often.

2. The system is suddenly using more energy and making gas or electric bills go way up during the heating season.

3. The heating or cooling system is not doing the job of keeping the temperature where the thermostat is set. This means the unit is losing the capability to do its job.

4. The system is no longer filtering the air in the home adequately, so dust or allergens are in the air.

5. The system is no longer cycling correctly and goes on and off too often or not often enough, leaving the temperature too hot or too cold, depending on the season.

6. The equipment makes screeching, squealing, grinding, or clunking sounds or the area around the furnace does not smell right.

These signs mean it is time to call your heating and cooling contractor to inspect the equipment and either repair it or help you choose new equipment to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs.

A Good AC Company

Choosing A Good AC Company to meet your home’s heating and cooling equipment needs is a wise move. Our company is proud of the high level of expertise, equipment, and service we offer.

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